the bieldermans

When Pieter Bielderman started the firm as an entrepreneur, he wanted to create a firm that could deliver direct and personal service, at the highest professional and ethical standards, at commercially viable rates.

The firm has deliberately maintained its entrepreneurial nature - preferring sincere relationships to large and cumbersome structures. With in excess of 30 people, the firm has the size necessary to effectively handle a very wide range of matters, without sacrificing adaptability or cost savings for our clients.

Over the years, we have turned down invitations to amalgamate precisely to keep our focus on our core value proposition: to deliver big services in a small, personal atmosphere.

The practice is incorporated with experienced Directors, attorneys and candidate attorneys. Our offices are in Rosebank, and have been since we commenced practice on 1 March 1993. We are BEE Certified & continually strive to improve our rating.

Our highest accolade is the continued support, and friendship, of our clients.

the bieldermans

Pragmatic. Appropriate. Effective.

Finding practical solutions, appropriate to the nature and scale of each matter, is our point of departure. In this way we can take on any legal matter, large or small, complex or elementary, in a cost effective way.

Focused. Direct. Value Adding.

Our dedicated group of focused professionals build long term relationships based on close collaboration and mutual trust. We are driven to ensure that our clients are better off at the conclusion of their matter compared to when they first hand their matter to us. We have pioneered special fee structures that enable insurance companies to viably resolve motor vehicle disputes on a cost effective basis. Our reasonable fee structures are tailored to the size of the matter.

General. Specific. Solution-based.

We have a wide range of skills. We have managed to build a solid reputation as a specialist insurance liability litigation firm – and yet we have the capability to assist clients with any legal issue. As a general law practice, we have developed several sets of specialised skills and knowledge, enabling us to help individual or corporate clients with any matter they entrust to us. If a particular matter is highly specialised, we either handle the matter ourselves or cost effectively find the answers required.